Cisco 'didn’t demonstrate value for money' says UK dairy firm switching to Avaya

Dairy Crest drops Cisco and Nortel and goes for the udder guys in new deal
29 Jun 2012

Google's Nexus 7: where will it fit in a maturing tablet market?

Underpowered but competitively priced, Google's early bird could yet get the worm
28 Jun 2012

Microsoft loses EU antitrust appeal, faces £688m fine

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Tab banned from sale in US as Apple patent case comes to fruition
27 Jun 2012

Four-fifths of airports will use fast travel solutions by 2020, says IATA CEO

Self check-in, self-baggage check and paperless boarding to dominate airline industry within a decade
21 Jun 2012

Surface ‘could bridge the gap’ iPad fails to fill, says McDonald's IT manager

Industry reacts positively to Microsoft’s tablet announcement
20 Jun 2012

Microsoft Surface: insanely brilliant or a suicidal folly?

Will Microsoft's new tablet conquer the market, or kill the company's OEM relationships stone dead?
19 Jun 2012

Desktop decisions for Buro Happold as Windows 8 approaches

Engineering consultancy to hold off on upgrade – for now
12 Jun 2012

Top 10 causes of IT disasters – and how to deal with them (Available on-demand)

During this web seminar we will be looking at the sorts of incidents that can bring data centres grinding to a halt and what can be done about them.
22 May 2012

Oracle to acquire SaaS vendor Taleo for £1.2bn

Deal mirrors recent acquisitions in the cloud space by rivals SAP and Salesforce
10 Feb 2012

Leicestershire and Nottingham councils award shared services deal to Velos-IT

The finance and HR deal is worth up to £20m
10 Feb 2012

Government looks to set up £4bn hardware framework

The agreement will cover government departments, the BBC, the Royal Mail Group, the Met Office and NHS bodies
06 Feb 2012

DWP’s Work Programme susceptible to fraud due to IT delays

Department has also massively exceeded the programme's original IT budget
26 Jan 2012

Microsoft System Centre 2012 closes in on VMware vCentre

The release aims to help organisations manage their cloud portfolio
18 Jan 2012

Amazon opens up Free Usage Tier to Windows Server developers

Free cloud service now available for testing Windows apps
17 Jan 2012

Companies caught off guard by big data in 2011, says Oracle

Says more enterprises are turning to external datacentres to meet their big data needs
11 Jan 2012

SAP bolsters cloud portfolio with SuccessFactors acquisition

The deal is worth about £2.1bn
05 Dec 2011

Mike Lynch hits out at Oracle as HP/Autonomy deal bears fruit

HP tackles unstructured data with Autonomy-based IDOL 10
30 Nov 2011

SAP CIO predicts in-memory HANA will replace relational databases

But will companies still retain an archived disk?
23 Nov 2011

SAP should improve communications and make licensing more flexible, says user group

The SAP user group director, Alan Bowling, has criticised SAP's “clunky” methods
22 Nov 2011

Enterprises urged to use cloud failover during disasters

DataGardens CTO describes the benefits of context-aware process protection
10 Nov 2011

Science and Technology Council to invest £21.5m in high-performance computing

Move is part of a £145m government drive to boost innovation
09 Nov 2011

Putting a value on big data is key to getting CEOs on board

Champions of big data need to appeal to business leaders' 'balance sheet mentality'
08 Nov 2011

Most enterprises lack resources to exploit big data, argues IT leader

Oracle debates with Yodel CIO over how to integrate big data
04 Nov 2011

Roundtable: Computing to host debate on big data

We examine how to harness the data held by organisations and how to deliver business value
02 Nov 2011