Judge rejects Apple request to reinstate Samsung sales ban

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini interface
Judge Koh sticks by her decision to lift ban on US sales
18 Dec 2012

2012: The year in devices and endpoint

A graphic depicting mobile phone software
The rise of BYOD, the fall of RIM and the bet-hedging of Microsoft
18 Dec 2012

Video: Tablet vs Tablet - Fight!

Peter Gothard asks vendors at the Gadget Show Live 2012 why their tablet offering is better than the competition
14 Dec 2012

Surface heads to third party retail stores

Response to demand, or clearing the way for Pro?
12 Dec 2012

Windows RT app developer abandons platform after making just £52 in one week

Microsoft 'clearly do not value us at all' says disgruntled Rubicon Development
07 Dec 2012

Kickstarter to be sued over 3D printer patent breach

3D Systems will also sue printer maker Formlabs
22 Nov 2012

High Court rejects YouView trademark appeal

Court finds name 'confusingly similar' to billing service 'YourView'
15 Nov 2012

Microsoft partner reveals intricacies of coding for both Win RT and Win 8

'If the market’s there, people will use it' says Aditi dev, as Ballmer admits Surface RT sales 'modest'
13 Nov 2012

Yet another Microsoft Surface version planned, according to Microsoft sources

Seven-inch gaming tablet will include custom ARM chip, high-bandwidth RAM - and a new Windows 8 kernel
07 Nov 2012

H4cked Off: Why my Windows h8 is Surfacing

Surface RT ain't all that, but what does that mean for the future of Windows 8's ambitious ecosystem?
05 Nov 2012

Sharp predicts net annual loss of $5.6bn; doubts it can stay in business

Other Japanese electronics firms similarly troubled
01 Nov 2012

Apple iOS chief Scott Forstall to depart company after Maps gaffe

Retail boss Browett also out
30 Oct 2012

Surface RT price revealed; competes with iPad

Top-end RT tablet will weigh in at around £430
16 Oct 2012

Ballmer announces 'fundamental shift' in Microsoft's technology trajectory

Expect 'specific devices for specific purposes' says CEO
10 Oct 2012

HTC profits slump 79 per cent in third quarter

One X maker falling further behind Apple and Samsung
09 Oct 2012

Oracle announces IaaS offering, private cloud, new database and Exadata X3

Larry Ellison launches new products and services at Oracle World in San Francisco, and goes on the offensive against IBM and EMC
01 Oct 2012

US patent reveals Microsoft 3D projection display device

Meanwhile, Sony showcases "virtual reality" headset in new video
13 Sep 2012

Raspberry Pi manufacture relocates to UK from China

Budget PC now to be made at Sony plant in South Wales
10 Sep 2012

Severn Trent Water implements SAP and decomissions mainframe

Water company simplifies and standardises its environment, and saves hundreds of thousands of pounds in running costs
06 Aug 2012

Apple must run ads to inform public Samsung did not copy iPad

Apple versus Samsung copyright case takes another bizarre twist
19 Jul 2012

Google Nexus 7 teardown reveals £5 cost difference between high and low end models

Lack of SD slot allows Google to capitalise on tablet retail value
13 Jul 2012

Chinese e-commerce site taking iPhone 5 preorders

iPhone 5 tech specs and images all available at Taobao
13 Jul 2012

Surface will not 'diminish importance' of Windows 8 tablet partners, says Ballmer

'Diversity of solutions' is the way forward for Windows 8, according to Microsoft CEO
09 Jul 2012

Cisco 'didn’t demonstrate value for money' says UK dairy firm switching to Avaya

Dairy Crest drops Cisco and Nortel and goes for the udder guys in new deal
29 Jun 2012