EE reveals 4G price plans

Contracts range from £36 to £56 a month
23 Oct 2012

Huawei responds to US Congressional Committee report

Huawei's global headquarters in Shenzhen
Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer says committee has failed to explain why it is a 'security threat'
08 Oct 2012

US Congress: Huawei and ZTE 'are a security threat'

Congressional panel claims that the Chinese telecommunications equipment providers could be used for Chinese military and economic espionage
08 Oct 2012

'No way we’ve been overinflating': BT responds to rural broadband price hike allegations

80 per cent superfast mark-up allegations come from 'detractors' says spokesperson
02 Oct 2012

4G auction could be brought forward

Peace talks ongoing between Ofcom, Culture Secretary and mobile operators
02 Oct 2012

Government 'unlikely' to achieve national super-fast broadband objective by 2015

Rural areas at risk of being left off super-fast broadband network, says CLA
24 Sep 2012

Government reveals first 10 cities to receive super-fast broadband funds

Combined £114m provided in attempt to boost economy with faster internet
20 Sep 2012

Government's ‘final third’ superfast broadband solution is 'Westminster myth' says ex-BT manager

BT monopolising fibre to cabinet rollout, says Mitchell
14 Sep 2012

Huawei and ZTE refute spying allegations

US Congress hears statements from Chinese telecoms firms denying equipment has secret back doors
14 Sep 2012

Vodafone 'extremely disappointed' with Everything Everywhere decision

Government and Ofcom need to work together to speed up 800 band auction, says operator
13 Sep 2012

UK Broadband CEO: Fixed wireless is solution to fast broadband rollout woes

‘Joined-up’ network schemes could save money in period of scaled-back tech
12 Sep 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 'to be Everything Everywhere 4G exclusive'

Could be the first phone to offer 4G connectivity - unless the Apple iPhone 5 gets there first
10 Sep 2012

Maria Miller to steer UK broadband policy as Hunt moves to Health

Maria Miller slips into Hunt's shoes at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport
04 Sep 2012

Ofcom will 'robustly defend' 4G position against O2

O2 attempts to delay Everything Everywhere's 4G delivery
31 Aug 2012

Analysis: Broadband - is the UK up to speed?

The government insists that the UK will lead Europe when it comes to fast broadband. But where are we placed in relation to the rest of world?
30 Aug 2012

New BlackBerry smartphones unveiled

RIM demonstrates prototypes to mobile carriers. What can we expect?
17 Aug 2012

Government, BT bite back in ‘visionless’ broadband claims

Former BT CTO criticised for remarks over fast broadband rollout
06 Aug 2012

Telco suppliers go from boom to bust

Why are the big telecoms equipment vendors struggling in the age of IP?
06 Aug 2012

Prospect of 4G rollout fails to get IT leaders' pulse racing

Essex County Council CIO David Wilde and a digital start-up give their views on the rollout of 4G
31 Jul 2012

Sky rules itself out of 4G auction; Everything Everywhere wants 4G decision

Sky will not battle against BT and Three for ‘fourth operator’ spectrum
27 Jul 2012

Skype rejects claims it re-architected software to make eavesdropping easier

But dodges claim that centralisation in Microsoft’s cloud will nevertheless help
27 Jul 2012

Lessons of the O2 outage

25 Jul 2012

Texting now more popular than talking in UK, says Ofcom

Texting also outstrips face-to-face meeting by nine per cent
18 Jul 2012

Analysis: Whose e-wallet is right on the money?

With the e-wallet market becoming increasingly crowded, Peter Gothard asks whether any of the rival offerings has what it takes to reign supreme
18 Jul 2012