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Security is not a game of blame

17 Oct 2012

Security cannot be made perfect by any vendor or any end user organisation or any consultancy (Name and shame bad security vendors, not customers, says Simplexo CTO).

Suggesting you blame the vendor is patently ridiculous: if my team configure my firewall improperly, and we get hacked, who is culpable? My team, the vendor, or the reseller we bought it from?

Best practice isn’t perfect, but a blanket “blame the vendors” approach isn’t either. 

Gus Dudgeon

Apple is taking users for a ride

17 Oct 2012

Apple has always treated its customers with contempt and I for one have had enough (The fall of the house of Apple). I can no longer swallow being charged hundreds of pounds by Apple for 64GB of storage when I can buy a 64GB card for under 50 quid and put it in any old Android phone.

Charging a premium for fine design and innovation is one thing, but for bog-standard Flash memory? That’s just taking the mickey.

When I see people queuing for an iPhone 5 I can’t help thinking of the old saying that a fool and their money are soon parted.

Anne O'Droid

Social tools have little business value

17 Oct 2012

Last time I looked, Salesforce was selling CRM software as a service. Not quite sure where social comes into this. Or how a company like GE is transformed by it (Dreamforce 2012: The importance of social in business).

As a Salesforce customer, I don’t get it. Sure, things like Chatter provide a “social” dimension, but what we are talking about here is similar functionality to Yammer, as in it’s just a new name for an internal intranet where people post stuff that they’ve done.

I have both, and in my experience people use both platforms for little more than sharing their company good news. And that company good news is usually posted by self-serving self-publicists – those who are trying just a little bit too hard to get noticed.

Peter Whitman