Graeme Burton is Chief Reporter at Computing.

He has 15 years of experience in news and magazine journalism, and has edited such titles as Trade & Forfaiting Review, Inside Knowledge and Managing Information & Documents.

Articles & blogs by Graeme Burton

Ministry of Justice loses 'sensitive data' related to police killings after sending discs in the post

Metropolitan police cap badge
Information about police shootings of Azelle Rodney and Mark Duggan 'lost in the post'
30 Jan 2015

EU-wide data protection registrar? New call for pan-European data protection authority

Data protection artwork
Belgian government to push for data protection authority that would govern across Europe
30 Jan 2015

QWERTY keystroke logger linked with Regin - and GCHQ

Cricket the clue as Kaspersky fingers "five eyes" as author of QWERTY keystroke logger and Regin
29 Jan 2015

Big data: regulator to examine acquisition and trading of personal data

Competition and Markets Authority calls for information about the way in which personal data is collected and used by organisations
29 Jan 2015

Opposition grows to 'snoopers' charter' introduced by the back door

House of Lords vote on terrorism bill today could see twice-rejected Data Communications Bill become law
26 Jan 2015

EU swings behind David Cameron's encryption plan – as party grassroots voice opposition

Leaked EU document calls for government encryption controls, as demanded by Prime Minister David Cameron
23 Jan 2015

Three UK to acquire O2 from Telefónica

O2 deal will make Three the biggest mobile operator in the UK
23 Jan 2015

'Snoopers' charter' sneaked into counter-terrorism bill

Provisions of twice-rejected Communications Data Bill added to Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill
22 Jan 2015

Oracle pushes record number of patches in latest security update - and urges users to apply them ASAP

169 security fixes for Oracle database, enterprise software and Java intended to fix critical vulnerabilities
22 Jan 2015

'Disable Adobe Flash now': popular browser plug-in at risk in zero-day security flaw

One week after Adobe fixed nine critical security flaws in Adobe Flash, a new exploit has emerged – and is already incorporated into exploit packs
22 Jan 2015

Retailers are facing up to severe threat posed by cyber security lapses, says top lawyer

Pinsent Masons partner and retail head Tom Leman claims that retailers are starting to face up to security threats
21 Jan 2015

Canonical makes pitch for internet of things as Accenture says IoT market could boost UK economy by £350bn

Slimline version of Ubuntu intended for high-powered embedded devices announced by Canonical
21 Jan 2015

Sheffield City Council extends backoffice outsourcing contract with Capita in £170m deal

Capita extends “transformation partnership” with Sheffield City Council by a further six years in deal worth £140m-£170m
21 Jan 2015

Banks' IT ring-fencing headache

UK banks will soon start work on ring-fencing their 'core activities' by order of regulators – and that will mean at least four years of IT pain in order to do the job properly
21 Jan 2015

HP-Autonomy fraud investigation dropped by Serious Fraud Office

SFO says that there is 'insufficient evidence' to continue fraud investigation
20 Jan 2015
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