Articles & blogs by Matthew Lake

Viewpoint: How to make your app budget go further

Dr Tim King, CTO of 5app, offers his tips for reining in app development costs
29 Oct 2012

Euro patch-up job may no longer be enough

Despite the continual financial fire-fighting, expectation is rising that one or more countries will leave the euro. Graeme Burton examines the IT implications
19 Sep 2012

Analysis: Industrial control systems under attack

Society relies on power grids and nuclear plants, but the systems used to control them could have an avalanche of cyber-attacks coming their way. Sooraj Shah finds out why
18 Sep 2012

Analysis: the IPO blues - and how to avoid them

Recession notwithstanding, it’s been a tough few months for many web-based service companies that have recently made public offerings on the stock exchange. So why is it often a case of ‘Oh no!’ after IPO?
17 Sep 2012

Easy does IT: an interview with EasyJet's Trevor Didcock

EasyJet CIO Trevor Didcock tells Sooraj Shah how smartphone apps, the cloud, analytics and iPads are all helping to keep the airline flying high
17 Sep 2012

Opinion: Don’t ban mobile file sharing. Secure it

Enterprise-ready cloud storage services will allay firms’ security fears
30 Jul 2012

Lancashire police fined after losing data on vulnerable girl

Police force must pay £70,000 fine after details of a missing girl were found in the street
14 Mar 2012

Opinion: It’s time to open-source the Big Society

The collaborative nature of open source means it’s a perfect match for the government
02 Mar 2012

Opinion: Storage virtualisation in the cloud

Cloud-based managed service providers are well equipped to tackle latency and compliance issues
01 Mar 2012

Opinion: Patient privacy requires urgent treatment

IT chiefs must put measures in place to monitor, detect and deter staff breaches of patient data
14 Feb 2012

Bereaved denied access to loved ones' digital assets

Most people forget to leave passwords to their digital archives in their will
30 Mar 2011

Google to profile Gmail users to enable targeted ads

Search giant promises ads will be 'as relevant and useful as possible'
30 Mar 2011

Want to be an action hero? There's an app for that

25 Mar 2011

WOT DATT consultants must walk the walk

25 Mar 2011

China's cyber warriors brought to book

25 Mar 2011