Articles & blogs by John Leonard

The limits of IT outsourcing

Forget outsourcing, it’s time for more insourcing suggests John Leonard
10 Sep 2013

Research: data quality and the Little Red Hen syndrome

Data in UK enterprises is neither managed nor measured, finds a Computing survey
02 Apr 2013

Special report: Cloud 2.0 begins to take shape

Cloud 2.0
In part two of our special report, John Leonard looks at moves to make cloud more attractive for serious enterprise computing by mitigating risk, enhancing transparency and even handing more control to users
19 Feb 2013

Research: Virtualising mission-critical apps – part 2

John Leonard examines the technical and institutional hurdles to the virtualisation of core business systems
03 Oct 2012

Computing Research: Microsoft Exchange 2010 – taking the plunge

John Leonard relays some practical advice based on expert best practice and readers’ experience
18 Jul 2012

Computing Research: Microsoft Exchange – the great migration

The path to becoming an Exchange 2010 user can be arduous, but it is a journey more and more enterprises are willing to make
04 Jul 2012

Computing research: the business of IT decision-making

John Leonard examines the extent to which business managers are involved in IT procurement decisions
19 Jun 2012

Computing research: a who’s who of IT decision making

John Leonard reveals the influence that various job roles have over technology investment decisions
06 Jun 2012

Computing research: the many faces of IT disaster

From hardware failures to defecating pigeons, Computing examines multifarious threats facing datacentre managers
24 May 2012

Computing Research: Are backups a brake on the virtualisation revolution?

Backing up applications and data from an environment that includes multiple VMs and hypervisors can be a real challenge
04 Jul 2011

Business intelligence: The Great Underachiever

Computing research reveals that 76 per cent of organisations deny key staff access to useful information
01 Jun 2011

Computing research reveals businesses underestimate the threat of web-based attacks

Survey reveals that at least one in 10 business web sites has been compromised in some way
01 Jun 2011

Computing Research: The future of CRM is social and mobile

CRM is now a thoroughly mainstream application, according to a recent survey by Computing
27 Apr 2011

Computing Research: The top 5 benefits of ERP software

Business decision makers reveal the key benefits of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
27 Apr 2011