Stuart Sumner is editor of Computing.

Previously he spent 12 years in the IT industry as a programme manager, where he was responsible for the delivery of corporate WAN rollouts for global blue-chip companies.

Stuart has also written for Time Out and IPC Media, and in his spare time writes scripted comedy for TV and radio.

Articles & blogs by Stuart Sumner

The road to big data discovery

Big data
Kevin Long of Teradata UK discusses the potential within big data, and how to unlock it
10 Apr 2013

Google's privacy woes are just the beginning

Jaclyn Wilkins of law firm Charles Russell LLP examines the investigation into Google's privacy policies and asks: which tech firm will be next?
10 Apr 2013

Cyber criminals target UK banking sector

Bank of England
Shylock, a type of banking malware, has been overhauled by its developers and has been found to be targeting the UK financial sector
08 Apr 2013

Big Data Summit - Insight from the experts

Speakers and other experts from Computing's recent Big Data Summit 2013 provide their insights into big data
05 Apr 2013

Crash Podcast: Samsung, Google, Phones & Windows RT

On this week's podcast we discuss Samsung breaking away from Android, Google's privacy woes, then 40th anniversary of the mobile phone, and the potential demise of Windows RT
04 Apr 2013

‘Give us £1m or your data gets it!’: lessons of the 2e2 collapse

Would your outsourced data survive a 2e2-style collapse? Stuart Sumner talks to experts about what CIOs need to do to ensure business continuity
19 Mar 2013

Legacy software: who smells a rat?

Richard Clark of Xuber explains how organisations should look to build their business case to replace legacy systems - and why it's important
13 Mar 2013

Crash Podcast: MWC, HMRC and other acronyms

Computing brings you its semi-regular podcast, featuring a roundup of Mobile World Congress and other stories
11 Mar 2013

Galaxy S4 could see Samsung beat iPhone

Samsung will release the new Galaxy S4 will be revealed this week in New York
11 Mar 2013

Birds Eye CIO: Choosing a cloud provider that won't go bust

Sarah Leslie, CIO of Iglo Foods Group - which operates the Birds Eye Brand in the UK - tells Computing how her organisation selects cloud and outsourcing providers which are unlikely to go out of business and lose her data
08 Mar 2013

Horse meat saga: CIO explains how IT can help

IT's role is to ensure processes run properly and the supply chain is correctly managed
06 Mar 2013

Pushing the Roundabout

With the launch on 1 April of HMRC’s tax-saving ‘Patent Box’ scheme, the government has given a clear signal that it is keen to help tech start-ups. But is there more it could do for firms at London’s Silicon Roundabout? Stuart Sumner finds out
06 Mar 2013

Opinion: What’s missing from the new computing curriculum for schools

Crispin Weston, chair of BSI’s expert committee for education technology, explains why secondary school ICT had to change
26 Feb 2013

MWC: Firefox smartphone manufacturers revealed

Handset manufacturers will be LG, ZTE, Huawei and TCL, with more firms 'to follow'
25 Feb 2013

BBC to refresh ERP estate

New technology contracts to emphasise flexibility, and be multi-source, says BBC CTO
25 Feb 2013