Stuart Sumner is editor of Computing.

Previously he spent 12 years in the IT industry as a programme manager, where he was responsible for the delivery of corporate WAN rollouts for global blue-chip companies.

Stuart has also written for Time Out and IPC Media, and in his spare time writes scripted comedy for TV and radio.

Articles & blogs by Stuart Sumner

Artificial Intelligence: the answer to Big Data skills shortages?

Satya Ramaswamy, vice president and global head of TCS Digital Enterprise, discusses the shortage of data scientists, and argues that AI should step in to analyse unstructured data streams
14 Aug 2013

Why didn't Microsoft fight the SkyDrive case harder?

Many people were surprised at how quickly Microsoft agreed to drop its SkyDrive brand in the face of legal demands from Sky. Liz Dunn explains what happened and why
12 Aug 2013

Does cloud adoption spell the end for the IT department?

SAP and Birst collaborate to offer cloud-based analytics on HANA
Microsoft chief envisioning officer Dave Coplin tells Computing what increasing cloud adoption among enterprises means for the teams tasked with managing in-house IT
05 Aug 2013

HMRC reveals over £3.7bn spend with Capgemini

HMRC has revealed the details of its spend with Capgemini via the Aspire contract following a FoI request from Computing
05 Aug 2013

How can the UK learn from India’s commitment to ICT?

Srikanth Iyengar, head of UK and Global Head of Business Development for Infosys, explains how the Indian model of career training and development has helped the country's IT sector, and how the UK could follow suit
01 Aug 2013

Jumping the gun on EU data protection

With new EU data protection regulations experiencing delays, Peter Wainman of law firm Mills & Reeve urges businesses to concentrate on complying with the current law rather than second-guessing what it might look like in the future
29 Jul 2013

Does desktop virtualisation enable the office of the future?

A panel of experts at a recent Computing event discusses VDI and other methods to enable productivity for today's workforce
26 Jul 2013

The office of the future

Microsoft's chief envisioning officer Dave Coplin tells Computing what sorts of environments we can expect to work in in future
26 Jul 2013

Smartphones and wearables to power the enterprise of the future

Computing's readership gives its predictions as to the predominant business devices of the coming years
24 Jul 2013

Swiss cloud firms - the new Swiss bank account?

With data privacy fears at an all-time high following Prism, FISA and the Patriot Act, can Swiss cloud firms join their financial services compatriots in offering truly private services?
10 Jul 2013

Opinion: why there are a million clouds on the horizon

Lew Moorman, president of Rackspace, explains that no single cloud will be able to fulfil every customer's needs
04 Jul 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit - the delegates' view

Delegates at Computing's recent Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013 give their views on the trends and issues relating to mobility
03 Jul 2013

Could tech start-ups use employee shareholder agreements to become more competitive?

What if wrong hiring decisions are made and the new staff are not a good fit with the business? What if the business stops booming, salaries are an unsustainable burden and people need to be let go?
02 Jul 2013

Taking Responsibility for your Core Data - why it matters

Talend's Yves de Montcheuil argues that poor data quality can prevent organisations reaching their revenue targets
01 Jul 2013

Mobile roaming charges fall

Cost of using mobile phones in other EU countries to call and use the internet falls today due to new rules
01 Jul 2013