Articles & blogs by Rachel Fielding

Big Data Summit: Why size isn't everything

With misunderstanding and confusion surrounding the concept of Big Data, experts have warned that business needs to focus less on the ‘Big’ and the ‘Data’ and more on business insight if they are to reap the benefits
03 Jul 2012

The decline, fall and rebirth of IT education

Empty desks university
Despite an alarming decline in computing undergraduate courses, there are signs that the discipline is about to enjoy a renaissance
27 Mar 2012

Is the UK heading for another tech skills crisis?

Despite the slump, many organisations are struggling to recruit high-calibre IT staff. So what can be done to prevent the situation from deteriorating into a full-blown skills crisis when the recovery finally arrives?
20 Feb 2012

Guide to managed print services pt4 – rationalisation

Having grown through acquisition, Tulip’s print functions needed streamlining
19 Oct 2011

How tech companies can crack China

Having a good product will only get you so far, as Rachel Fielding explains
07 Sep 2010

Hitachi creates high-level technology roles

Positions form part of company's strategy to boost uptake of cloud-based services in the UK
26 Aug 2010

Apprenticeships will benefit from paucity of IT qualifications

Experts argue that employers will recoup their money within six months
25 Aug 2010

IT self-service is not adequate for solving problems, says Gartner

Socitm chief argues that it is essential for local government to cut costs
25 Aug 2010

Collaborative working is forcing IT directors to learn new skills

As hierarchical structures disappear, managers need skills in leading virtual teams
23 Aug 2010

IT job vacancies up in first quarter

E-skills UK figures show IT vacancies up despite UK recruitment slump
23 Aug 2010

IT degree upsurge a temporary reprieve

As applicant numbers for degrees across the board rise dramatically, key IT figures warn this will not in itself solve the IT skills problem the industry is facing
19 Aug 2010

NetApp doubles quarterly profit

But revenue figures fail to impress
19 Aug 2010

Two thirds of each day in local government is "lost"

Poor IT management means public sector is less productive than private sector
19 Aug 2010

Adobe Systems talks up importance of mobile channel

Survey says 80 per cent of companies are giving precedence to mobile websites
19 Aug 2010

Resistance to IT education will hinder green energy development

Centrica warns impending skills crunch will affect the energy industry
18 Aug 2010