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CESG certification boosts anti-cyber crime careers

A hacker committing cyber crime on a laptop
Information assurance specialists will be provided with a guaranteed career path
02 Sep 2011

US court slashes damages that SAP has to pay Oracle

New SAP logo
SAP has said it is 'gratified', following a US court ruling that it should pay just $272m of the original $1.3bn awarded
02 Sep 2011

Opinion: Strength in numbers comes at a cost

Consolidation during a downturn isn’t necessarily good for UK tech workers
31 Aug 2011

ICO wants primary schools to teach data privacy lessons

Safe social networking to join the Three Rs
31 Aug 2011

DECC looking for WAN and software solutions for smart meter rollout

OJEU tenders released for communications and software services
31 Aug 2011

Co-op Group's SaaS expenses system pays for itself in less than a year

The P2D software allows staff to photograph and upload receipts to a web system
18 Aug 2011

July sees slowest online sales growth for 18 months

Rise by 11.5 per cent on 2010, but sales of electrical goods actually dip by 3 per cent
17 Aug 2011

Hertfordshire cuts costs and boosts speed with new broadband network

Network specialist Updata will provide Hertfordshire's schools with faster broadband
16 Aug 2011

ICT project Service Birmingham gets disadvantaged into work

Jobs and Skills Charter sees Capita-backed project create 126 jobs for disadvantaged people
16 Aug 2011

Northern Ireland gets £4.4m to help fund broadband rollout

This compares with the £56.9m awarded to Wales
15 Aug 2011

JDA software boosts hotel group's revenue

Price optimisation software has increased revenue in the US and is now being rolled out in the UK
15 Aug 2011

"Axe rioters' benefits" e-petition overwhelmed by response

Site crashed after the petition received 100,000 signatures
12 Aug 2011

NPIA's online procurement process will launch today

The hub will be used by Lincolnshire police and be rolled out to all 43 forces by June 2012
12 Aug 2011

Five arrests in misuse of social media to incite riots

Potential prosecutions following Home Secretary's talks with Britain's top police officers on whether to crack down on IT during civil unrest
12 Aug 2011

NPIA's online procurement process to launch today

The hub will be used by Lincolnshire police initially and rolled out to all 43 forces by June 2012
12 Aug 2011

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