Articles & blogs by Martin Courtney

Early Office 365 adopters: what drove them and what have they learned?

Office 365 logo
IT leaders who have migrated to the Microsoft suite talk about the challenges they faced
20 Mar 2012

Steps to a successful Office 365 migration

Microsoft Office 365 staircase
Issues to address when moving to Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite
20 Mar 2012

Essential guide to social media and consumerisation in the enterprise

Businessman using a tablet for social networking
Martin Courtney reveals how both users and CIOs are shaping social business and bring-your-own-device strategies
07 Mar 2012

Essential guide to datacentre convergence

Datacentre convergence may take a great leap forward with FCoE, but few organisations will need this sort of data capacity right now
24 Jan 2012

Interview: Rob Joyce, head of LTE, O2

O2’s 4G guru talks to Computing about the future of mobile wireless in the UK, high bandwidth applications, and where 4G fits in alongside 3G and Wi-Fi coverage
10 Jan 2012

Interview: James Thomas, IT director, University College London Hospital

With UCLH implementing one of the first large-scale fixed mobile convergence projects in the UK, James Thomas talks Computing through the process
16 Dec 2011

Analysis: HP pushes further into hybrid cloud

The company faces stiff competition from EMC, IBM and OpenStack-based services
02 Dec 2011

Morrisons taps SAN for application performance

Retailer monitors traffic at a port level to identify storage bandwidth hogs and prevent arguments between application administrators
02 Dec 2011

Analysis: EU data-sharing projects show early promise

Cross-border e-government initiatives designed to boost trade within the EU show slow but steady progress
25 Nov 2011

Analysis: How beneficial will 4G be to the UK?

How will mobile broadband speeds of 30-50Mbit/s in UK cities benefit the average smartphone user?
18 Nov 2011

Rentokil Initial kills off on-premise HR systems

Pest control company gets round lack of centralised IT infrastructure by nesting apps in the cloud
17 Nov 2011

Analysis: Spark of hope for Solaris 11

Oracle faces uphill battle to regain lost Unix ground
14 Nov 2011

Energy giants give users more control over their consumption

British Gas and E.ON talk about the technology behind their respective smart meter rollouts
14 Nov 2011

Smart meter rollout presents numerous technical challenges

The task facing the UK’s energy suppliers is daunting given the technical complexity involved and the consequences of getting it wrong
14 Nov 2011

The 26 million meter dash

The race to implement smart metering is on, but are utility suppliers aided or hampered by the absence of precise technology requirements?
14 Nov 2011