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06 Jun 2014

Enterprise Mobility

The way we access the web has changed dramatically, even in just the last few years, with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly common at home and in the workplace. WE examine how businesses are approaching their mobile offering.
25 Jun 2013

Follow the Computing Enterprise Mobility Summit Live

The latest news straight from Computing's Enterprise Mobility Summit - hear from the industry's top experts, CIOs and specialists
10 Jun 2013

Working with Computing on your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Using research based content to engage and inform your target customers
21 Mar 2013

Fact 21: "The web is not an important part of what we do," say a quarter of IT managers not considering mobile

Of those IT Managers in organisations which aren't rethinking or redesigning the web presence to account for mobile, the reason given was "The web is not an important part of what we do," at least when it comes to the IT team, even if not the organisation as a whole.
21 Mar 2013

Fact 20: IT needs to cater for tablet users being more prolific shoppers than smartphone users

Computing's research demonstrates that the proliferation tablet devices into the market has begun to change how people perform tasks online, with users more likely to use tablets than smartphones to shop online.
21 Mar 2013

Fact 19: IT leaders need to know mobile as well as marketing

Half of IT professionals have no idea about the breakdown of operating systems used to access their website, an issue which is not only somewhat embarrassing in the age of mobile, but makes supporting the wide ecosystem of mobile operating systems very difficult.
21 Mar 2013

Fact 18: IT teams need to pay attention to the battle for the living room

Multiscreen living is becoming normal for UK viewers, who regularly watch terrestrial TV whilst holding a smartphone or a tablet to tweet their reaction, or directly visit websites for information from their mobile device.
21 Mar 2013

Fact 17: IT's knowledge needs to be harnessed when looking at web trends

While one in four organisations confirmed there's been research into changing web usage patterns driven by tablets and smartphones, will affect their business, it seems that IT are kept at arm's length for this process
21 Mar 2013

Fact 16: One in three IT staff are using mobile apps for activities like shopping

According to Computing Research, only one in three IT staff uses mobile apps for online consumer activities such as shopping.
21 Mar 2013

Follow the Computing Big Data Summit Live

The latest news straight from the second Big Data Summit - hear from the industry's top experts, CIOs and specialists
20 Mar 2013

Fact 15: Apple and Android have an almost identical market share

Computing's research demonstrates that when it comes to the number of users accessing organisations websites via mobile devices, access is evenly split between Apple and Google Android.
18 Mar 2013

Fact 14: Sites with mobile web functionality have gained customers

Those organisations which have invested in mobile functionality have already seen the benefit with a third seeing an increase in the number of customers.
18 Mar 2013

Fact 13: Two in five organisations know the lack of mobile web presence is costing them business

It's alarming how many businesses haven't actively pursued mobile web optimisation when so many acknowledge that lack of a smartphone or tablet friendly service is losing them customers.
18 Mar 2013

Fact 4: When marketing say 'agile' it's not what IT understands

The software developer understands ‘agile' as a group of methodologies based on iterative and incremental development. Marketing understands 'agile' as quick to market. Both teams need to work together to make mobile app development work for the business.
11 Mar 2013
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